Full disclosure: for this blog post I am having to use voice dictation.  Yes… because of my tragic Heelying accident which thankfully was caught on tape by the multi-talented, Austin Mallar. 

The main question I have been getting is “why did you challenge yourself to wear Heelys for an entire week?”  The answer is quite simple. I have been feeling lately that our own marketing at Longhouse Media has been quite ‘corporate’. I strategized that a YouTube channel which follows our team’s everyday lives may be a fun way to let people ‘know who we are’ and ‘what we are about’. Of course, our lives aren’t always exciting, so we had to come up with some sort of story-line to make our content at least somewhat appealing.

As someone who regularly sets week-long month-long and year-long goals for himself, I figured a potentially interesting YouTube channel would be one that follows my efforts to accomplish such goals.

This video was our first and while we are still working out the kinks, I am hopeful that this YouTube channel will give insight on what it is like to, be in my shoes (or wheeled shoes), be a member of the Longhouse Media team, all while showcasing the value of goal setting (even if the goals don’t end up having fruitful long term benefits such as Heely skills…)

I am super stoked to have such a supportive network of people to bring along for the ride.  Already, your comments, likes, subscribes, follows, shares, EVERYTHING, has helped more than you know to help us grow.  In today’s social media, the only way to get your content seen is to have an engaged audience and that means, if something is posted and it does not receive likes + comments + shares right away, then the post will get lost in social media limbo, never to be seen by pretty much anyone! So, thank you.  

Keenan Beavis’ “Wearing Heelys for an Entire Week” Challenge

A Little Fun Fact About Me: Keenan Beavis

This is a fact about me that not many people know. Back when I was in elementary school, I was obsessed with the idea of posting content online. I spent every day after school from grade 5 to the end of grade 8 making videos for YouTube.  To set the scene, this would have been the early years of YouTube when there were few content creators, let alone creators with access to good camera equipment.

By the end of 2008 I had a little badge on my YouTube channel that titled me as the 27th most viewed YouTube channel in Canada. Now, I should mention, I do not take credit, nor should it really be respected that I was so highly viewed.  I was successful on YouTube at a young age for two reasons:

  1. I had access to the highest quality camera equipment because my father worked for Canon.  during this Time period, HD videos were not the norm on YouTube heavily favored channels that had high definition content. The thumbnails on my videos would get a prime HD tag that would entice prospective viewers into clicking my videos. 
  2. I had nearly unlimited time to master YouTube’s search algorithm.  At the time, search engine optimization was in its infancy. It was incredibly easy for me to develop a methodology using strategic titles descriptions and tags to get my videos to the top of YouTube’s search results.

Little did I know that the search engine optimization skills I developed while YouTubing, would eventually become a highly sought-after skill set for many businesses.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is actually one of the services we offer at Longhouse Media.

I am excited to begin YouTubing again and hopefully this time I won’t be successful due to having unlimited time or an edge in terms of camera equipment but rather, people genuinely enjoy some of the content or gain at least a piece of value from it.

How My Week of Wearing Heelys Went

My week can be separated into three parts: learning how to Heely, doing business/running errands, and my big Heely accident.

Learning How to Heely

As a child, about 10 years old, I remember owning a pair of Heelys, however I never really gave them the time of day in order to fully learn how to use them. In hindsight, during childhood, I had a poor attitude towards learning. When a roadblock came across my path to mastering something, I would avoid such thing and never reach my full potential. There were exceptions to this; for example, in elementary and high school I was a ‘straight A’ student and put plenty of effort into getting good grades, but when it came to skills (such as Heelying) where I did not see it contributing to a more successful future; I shut down and gave up.

I consider my attitude towards “hierarchizing learning”, a major missed opportunity.  My mindset now, is that when you stop learning, you stop progressing.  No matter what seemingly insignificant skill you are developing, you are simultaneously improving your ability to learn.  I now consider ‘learning’ as the most important attribute to improve upon in life.    

Heelying this week proved to be more difficult to learn then I initially imagined. At the start I could not travel more than a few centimeters on my wheels before immediately not trusting my body’s balance and putting the front of my foot back down to earth.

The best tip I can give to someone starting to Heely is to build up confidence in your balance by first using a friend’s arm to guide you while rolling. You only have to be at this stage for a handful of minutes however, the big stride that you must make in order to improve is to trust in your balance and just go for it. 

In my experience, your body can already Heely; it is your mind that is stopping you from being able to travel on these shoes.    

Once you have convinced your mind that you can roll around, you will shortly be able to do just that.  The next step is to just keep doing it.

Doing Business and Running Errands While on Heelys

This stage of my week was a lot of fun, I went about my normal weekly activities and visited clients such as Dr. Sammy Oh at Bioscan Wellness Centre and completed errands such as picking up my mother’s birthday present from LivingRoom Fort Langley (which she loved).

Yes, I warned any clients that we saw while wearing the shoes that I would be wheeling around.

My Tragic Heelying Accident and My Big Heely Injury  

On day 7 of this weeklong challenge, I met my maker. While rolling down a small hill near my home, I hit a patch of freshly cut grass that was splayed across the concrete. The grass halted my wheel and the momentum propelled my body forward. While doing my best judo break-fall, I landed a bit too harshly on my shoulder and completely tore the ligaments around my AC joint.

Initially I thought I had broken my collarbone, however the x-ray revealed that instead, I had suffered a third-degree AC joint separation (see photo).

Third Degree AC Joint Separation Graphic

At this point, my arm is still in a sling and I expect it to remain this way for the next 4 weeks. I am very dedicated to assuring I have a complete rehabilitation of my shoulder’s function and have been told that it will be many months and up to a year before I will be able to do so, even with a highly dedicated rehabilitation program.

How Do I Feel About How the Heely Challenge Ended?

Everything happens for a reason, and I suspect that 95% of our video’s views are due to the epic tumble!  What do you think?

I hope you like this video. Your comments, likes, subscribes and overall support do not go unnoticed!


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